Here We Go Now.

I’m back.

It’s been a long time, and I think it will be a long time still before I am comfortable doing this, again. But I need to.

I wrote hardly at all, in 2014. I wrote a book in each of the two prior years — but almost nothing, last year.  I can’t let that happen again.

I wrote a blog several years ago mocking the idea of New Year’s Resolutions; because what makes this day so special? It’s cold and sunny here in Tucson, where yesterday it was cold and rainy. (It actually snowed last night — more about that later.) Now I have to remember to write 2015 on checks and forms, where yesterday I had to think to remember to write 2014. I’ll struggle just as hard to remember the month and the day — though today will be pretty easy, I think. Then again, I won’t have to fill out any forms today. Irony: the only way to start the new year.

Speaking of which. There may be nothing special about January 1st as a day to make promises, or to step onto a new path; but then again, it’s no better or worse than any other day. Seven years ago I quit smoking on December 28th; a little over a year ago I started writing a novel on November 1st; today, I’m going to start this.

I will write every day. Every single day. Not just for the year: forever. Or at least for all the ever I have. Sometimes that writing will be online. I plan to start Twitting (@theodenhumphrey), and I will be linking my longer works to this page, as well. I plan to include some teacher materials, at some point, and anything else I can find to put on here. I don’t know what to call this blog, or how to describe it; I want to use it to market myself, and to communicate, and to connect to other people, particularly to other artists and other pirates. Whenever I think about this website I plan to build over time, I think of it as “Dusty Takes Over The Internet.” Though I don’t expect that. I don’t expect to conquer anything other than my own inertia, my own introverted avoidance of joining the global community. I expect that this will continue to develop and change as I go forward. The important thing is: every day. Every. Day.

Here goes.


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