Groundhog Day: Short and Pointless

I was thinking this morning that, because of this wonderful movie (though it’s too bad about Andie McDowell, who also screwed up Michael for me), Groundhog Day is the perfect day to examine your path and see if it’s become a rut. Are you learning from your mistakes? Are you improving? Or are you doing the same things you have always done?

But I only thought of it this morning, and I didn’t have enough time to write it out properly so I was going to save it and try to write it next year.

But here’s the thing I am doing that I should change: my blog posts are too long, and too infrequent/irregular.

I need to write/post more often, and shorter stuff. So here’s a nice, short post about this fairly simple thought.

We don’t live the very same day over and over again — but generally speaking, a lot of our days are very similar, one to another. And there are frequently things that bother us about our days — and they frequently repeat.

Where we can change those things, we should. Because at some point, if we keep changing the things that aren’t quite right — someday our very lives will be different.

It’s worth a try.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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