Magic Bus

Here, the background music first:


Okay, so when I was young, I wanted to own my own bus. I had this great idea: I was going to buy an old tour bus, take out all of the seats — maybe leave a row or two up front, for passengers — and fill the rest with custom furniture, specifically hammocks and beanbags and TVs and video game consoles.

Then I owned a home, and found out what a pain in the rear it is to convert or customize or upgrade anything. I also found that I have no knowledge of, nor interest in, automotive repair or mechanics. So I let this fantasy go, along with being an astronaut and out-selling Stephen King.

But then I saw this beauty parked in my neighborhood. And now I want a bus again.

IMG_0192IMG_0188 IMG_0189 IMG_0190 IMG_0191

Coffee Day (Hail the 42! Hail the Blessed Beverage!) is coming up next week, on February 11. I hope to have a story written by then, about driving this bus, with its beautiful restored retro style, and its utterly cool coffee theme, down to Belize to find the perfect coffee bean. But if I don’t get it done — at least I have this bus indelibly imprinted in my imagination.

And I choose to think there are hammocks inside. And beanbags in front of the flatscreen TVs and the Playstations.


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