Mmm… Marshmallow Pie!

Let me start by saying: I work at a very good school. I complain about it, and I criticize it for its flaws; but it is a very good school, with excellent staff and lovely students, overall.

But the people there? They’re people. And sometimes we people say and do some goofy things.

Tonight we had an open house, because we’re a charter school in a market full of them, and so we compete for students. Our open houses include a presentation from our principal, a PowerPoint that shows a variety of nice things about the school which he explains. It’s a lot of information , some of it interesting; but the best part, at least for me, is listening to the amusing things our principal says: because English is his second language.

Tonight’s best line: “We take all students at all levels; we don’t just take the cream of the pie.”


This past Tuesday, two of my students came into my room during my prep period; they were carrying styrofoam bowls and spoons. “Mr. Humphrey? This … isn’t good.” The other one chimes in: “Yeah. I thought this would be great, but … It’s really making me feel bad.”

These — Honors students, in advanced classes, might I note — had made themselves a bowl of nothing  but the marshmallows from Lucky Charms. In milk.


Yeah. Definitely not the cream of the pie.


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