This Night

This night I don’t have much to say. I did my exercise this morning, as I have been all week; I took my dogs for a long walk, as I’ve been doing since school got out. We went and got the keys to our new rental today, and I got to see the place where I’ll be living for the next year for the very first time (We looked at a model, but we hadn’t seen our actual place before now.). Then we had friends over for dinner.

So everything was lovely today. And everything was also very hard. The walk was fun, but my dogs can be frustrating; they walk very independently, so since I have one leash on each arm, I get pulled in a lot of strange directions all at once; they’re also very bad about keeping their noses out of bushes or especially holes in the ground: and since we live in the desert, bushes and holes in the ground are where the snakes are. I saw a four-foot rattlesnake today — though fortunately not when my dogs were there. So I have to be on high alert. Riding my bike for exercise was fun, but also very tiring; going to the new house was a bit nerve-wracking, and seeing it was both exciting and disappointing, because it’s nice, but it’s small. That’s the point, we’re downsizing, and it’s a good thing because we have more space than we need, which means we should have less space; but it’s hard to accept that and be happy about it. It’s like eating less food and realizing you don’t actually need to eat as much as you have been: it feels good to eat healthy, but also, you miss being able to eat seconds and thirds just because you could, and maybe you miss that feeling of being that full. Even if it’s not healthy. We don’t need all the space we have, but — it’s still nice to have all that space. Seeing friends for dinner was great — but getting everything for dinner, and then making dinner, and getting everything ready for guests in the house, was exhausting.

Today was a lot of work.

It was worth it, every minute of it; but it was a lot of work.

Forgive me for not having more energy to say something of value here.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

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